The extremely stylish and popular RAZR phone was born in 2004 by the hand of Motorola and has since become a true icon of the North American brand, of course, Motorola. As during its lifetime, the phone was sold over 130 million units by Motorola, isn’t it quite crazy? Yes, it’s really a surprising number.

According to the well-known media platform, of course, WallStreetJournal, the brand, Motorola is currently preparing to recover this iconic phone simply by launching it as a new foldable smartphone.

The new Motorola RAZR phone could cost around $1500. Yes, the price is really high, as we will not only pay for this iconic phone but also for the next market trend, hence, the price is quite high in the pockets of those willing to spend less for a smartphone. However, we should not forget that Samsung’s foldable smartphone will cost around $2000 So the RAZR may be favorable in the long run.

For now, what we know Lenovo is also preparing a new foldable smartphone. A product which will be named as Motorola RAZR simply to unite the real fans of the Chinese brand. Hence we are eagerly waiting for all these foldable smartphones to hit the scene and redefine the phone evolution worldwide.


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